Breitling’s CEO Chris Faulkner explains fracking benefits in the U.K. on BBC

Chris Faulkner, Chairman and CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation (OTCBB:BECC) will be speaking today at Shale World UK 2015 at the ICC in Birmingham, England.  Faulkner will be conducting an economics session on the topic that is drawing much attention now, “Can unconventional exploration be economic at current oil and gas prices.”

Chris Faulkner MCU shot

CEO and Founder, Chris Faulker, Breitling Energy Corporation is scheduled to speak to at the UK Shale Gas World event in the UK on Fracking.

Faulkner plans to draw analogies to several profitable fields in the United States like the Permian Basin, where Breitling Energy currently has two wells in the completion phase.  In contrast, the Bakken in North Dakota has a transportation premium and is less attractive at these prices due to the expense of the wells and the cost of moving oil and gas out of state.  Faulkner plans to connect those analogies with what is possible in Great Britain.

Shale World began in Poland in 2010 as Europe began exploring its own unconventional energy potential in light of the prolific American boom that was occurring at the time.  The conference brings together pioneering independent oil and gas companies, national oil companies, governments, regulators and leading academic minds to discuss opportunities and strategies for makingEurope the next shale success story.  The event expanded to the UK in 2013, specifically to address England’s unique challenges related to unconventional oil and gas production.  Shale World UK has now become England’s largest and most highly regarded shale event.

Documentary on Fracking

Chris Faulkner will be speaking at the Shale World UK conference and exhibition being held at the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Birmingham on Wednesday and Thursday next week (April 15 and 16). His topic will be: “Can unconventional exploration be economic at current oil and gas prices?”

Chris Faulkner has also been highly sought after by British press while on this multi-city tour.  Appearing in nearly back-to-back media interviews, Faulkner was on-set for London’s Channel 4 evening news, BBC World News and multiple interviews on BBC Radio channels.  Of particular interest is the new massive discovery in the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge (Weald Basin) which preliminary reports indicate could rival or exceed some of the world’s largest oil fields.  Other press contacts in the packed 3-day schedule include Oil and Gas IQ, European Gas Hub and Oil and Gas Law.

“The Weald Basin discovery has changed everything in England,” Faulkner said.  “When you say that Great Britain could potentially have oil reserves that rival Saudi Arabia, you can bet everyone is talking about it.  The University of Manchester said last year that the UK has over four centuries of natural gas locked up in it’s shale, so all of a sudden fracking isn’t the dirty word here that it used to be. I’ve already seen massive interest from the press.  Now they really want to understand what this could mean for England,” Faulkner added.

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