An Energy revolution in Mexico -Breitling Energy CEO Chris Faulkner Addressing Mexican Energy Opportunities

Chris Faulkner in Mexico on panel

Fracking Expert and CEO, Chris Faulkner addressing energy opportunities in Mexico today.

An energy reform is underway in Mexico and Breitling Energy Corporation’s (OTCBB:BECC) Chairman and CEO Chris Faulkner is addressing the Mexican Energy Opportunities Summit in Mexico City tomorrow morning.

Nearly $4 billion of oil and gas investments are expected in Mexico over the next four years, as a historic energy reform initiative is restructuring the Mexican energy sector. Chris Faulkner will discuss the topic of “Lessons Learned and Best Practices From Successful Drilling Operations,” citing his expertise analyzing trends in oil and gas combined with over 10 years of drilling and joint venture experience.

The two-day conference features a dual track looking at the hard issues of implementing reform, the new opportunities in the oil and gas and electricity sectors, and the best ways to form alliances within the sector.

“I can’t compliment President Pena Nieto enough for his energy vision,” Faulkner added.  “With the beating we’ve taken politically here in the U.S. over the last six years, it’s refreshing to work with a leader who understands what energy means for his people, his nation, and the world.  President Pena Nieto is being strategic and Mexico will reap the benefits for decades to come.  I only wish for the same politically here in America.”

“There’s a new wind blowing in Mexico and they are a key component to what I would like to advance which is a North American oil federation that could share information and unite our combined resources to be a formidable ally on the world’s energy stage.  That’s what Mexico is developing now, strategic partnerships, and Breitling Energy will have a seat at the table,” Faulkner said.

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