CEO Chris Faulkner, Breitling Energy sets the record straight on Fracking in the UK on BBC radio

The American fracking executive known as the ‘Frack Master’ has clashed with a Friends of the Earth campaigner in a heated exchange on 5 live. Chris Faulkner, the Chief Executive of Breitling Energy Corporation in Dallas, Texas, told Tony Bosworth from Friends of the Earth that environmentalists were “fearful” of fracking. “If you had your…

Breitling’s CEO Chris Faulkner explains fracking benefits in the U.K. on BBC

“The Weald Basin discovery has changed everything in England,” Faulkner said. “When you say that Great Britain could potentially have oil reserves that rival Saudi Arabia, you can bet everyone is talking about it,” said Chris Faulkner, CEO Breitling Energy Corporation, Dallas, TX.

Breitling Energy Announces Completion Procedures For Two Permian Basin Wells

“This is the beauty of drilling in the Permian Basin and is why we are focusing there right now,” said Chris Faulkner, Breitling Energy’s CEO, “ It’s amazing what is available in the Permian, with one well bore, we are able to intersect 11 potential pay zones and still be above 9,000 feet.